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Indigo Flower is a boutique online business, originally established in 2006 to cater to real women, looking for a little 'boho gypsy luxe' vibe in their life.

We pride ourselves on keeping our range tight with stunning styles you can enjoy and feel great in every day.


About lovers of Indigo Flower ...

You have experienced life.

You are unique, wise and beautiful.

You are a protector of those you love, and

You are determined and have faith.

You are spiritual and trust your intuition.

To us, you deserve nothing less than the best and we always send you love with every purchase.

Indigo Flower is ...

For women who love a relaxed lifestyle that's feminine, fun, comfortable and is versatile enough to take you from beach to dinner.


"Besides making you look great, what you choose to wear can have an amazing effect on the way you feel. Feeling your best can make you more confident and help you seize the day. Enjoy every precious minute!" Christina Marie x


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